Tyra Banks To Sport Real Hairdo

Time Inc photo

Time Inc photo

For the first time, Tyra Banks will rid herself of the synthetic hair that helped to catapult her into stardom.

The supermodel turned talk show host said she will wear her natural hair during her upcoming fifth season of The Tyra Banks Show.

Banks, 36, hopes her not-so-new hairdo will encourage her female viewers to embrace their God-given hair. She reportedly said she’s going to keep it real with her audience.

Getting rid of the wig is an OK start but Banks will have to do more than trash her tracts if she wants me to believe she’s keepin’ it real. I don’t think Banks is a bad person, but she isn’t real… not by a long-shot is she real.

She’s phony and I think it’s quite obvious that she puts up a facade for her fans. If you look behind all the makeup and underneath all the manufactured hair, I doubt her audience will see the “real” Tyra Banks.

Banks tries to emulate the persona she and her advisors believe her audience wish to view. I don’t blame her; sometimes one has to play the part so-to-speak to excel.

I haven’t met Banks but I can tell that the Banks on TV is not the same Banks that plays cards with her cousins at the family reunion.


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