Jobless College Grad Says School Should Give Her A Refund

A recent New York college graduate wants her $70,000 in tuition back because she says her alma-mater hasn’t helped her get a job, according to a NY Post story.

Trina Thompson, 27, who graduated in April, claims Monroe College hasn’t helped her find gainful employment. Thompson said the Bronx school’s Office of Career Advancement didn’t deliver on its promise to help her get a job and so she deems them liable for her joblessness.


This woman needs to take a number and wait it line like the other thousands of unemployed college graduates. She’s been out of school for four months, not four years!

It takes time, especially now, to find suitable employment. In this jacked up economy there are waiting lists to work at McDonald’s.

Her main problem is that she believed the lie that so many adults utter to school-aged children, the one that has them thinking a job will fall into their lap once they get a degree.

A degree doesn’t open doors, it makes a wider range of doors accessible to you. Either someone opens a door for you, or you open that door yourself.

I understand her frustration and anger, she feels like she’s been duped, and she has. She and so many other degree-holders have gotten the short-end of the stick.

The school may be partially accountable, if they made a promise that they didn’t deliver on, but Thompson won’t come close to winning this case.

If she wins, everybody will be entitled to a refund check… and we know that won’t happen.



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2 responses to “Jobless College Grad Says School Should Give Her A Refund

  1. bgw

    Huh? The school is partially responsible for what exactly?

    • Sabree

      If the school is drawing students to its school based on a promise that it will help them find jobs, and it does not help them find jobs then they are wrong. They may not be wrong by law but they are ethically wrong. With that said, an individual should not rely on or expect any school to find them a job.

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