Money For Hiring New Officers Is A Bad Idea

Law enforcement agencies countrywide will receive $1 billion in grants from the federal government to pay for the hiring and rehiring of law enforcement officers, CNN reported.


More police is a good thing but it’s not the best thing. What good are more incompetent officers walking our streets?

Instead of hiring new officers there needs to be more emphasis on training and screening. The money should address problems with racial-profiling, entrapment and other methods of mistreatment that prevail among law enforcement agencies.

The streets could be safer if officers spent more time securing the streets and arresting criminals and less time harassing the harmless. They also need to do a better job of screening trigger-happy, radicals and racists.

Perhaps there wouldn’t be such a shortage of funds in law enforcement agencies if they spent their money differently. I mean what is the deal with officers riding around in oversized SUVs? I don’t understand how a gas-guzzling SUV is more efficient than a sedan. Not only are they more costly than a sedan but they are more likely to roll-over. Dangerous and expensive.

They shouldn’t hire new officers right now, but improve upon the current officers by providing more training, classes and workshops. If the event of new hiring, an IQ test and test that gauges racial bias should be required.

We don’t want to see anymore distinguished Ivy League professors being arrested by a law enforcer acting stupidly, do we?


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