Vick Almost Back In The NFL


Michael Vick must have expressed enough remorse because the NFL reinstated him on Monday.

Earlier this month the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback finished up an 23-month federal prison term for bankrolling a dogfighting ring. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell previously stated that Vick would not be reinstated until he showed “remorse.”

Vick satisfied Goodell’s requirement but he’s not in the clear: No team has stepped up to the plate and expressed interest in signing him.


Goodell’s male intuition must have told him that Vick learned his lesson.

Now all Vick has to do is wait it out… some team will bite. He’s too good of a catch to let go by, especially when you can get him for dirt cheap.

Vick is like a rebuilt BMW on the clearance isle.

Of course, there are cons; he hasn’t played or trained in two years and he’s two years older, which is like 10 years in the NFL. But before he went to the slammer he was a high-octane player with a big fan base.

I’m pretty sure that a large percentage of his fans won’t look in the other direction when he hits the field. I guarantee Joe Blow won’t care about a dog fighting charge if Vick is helping his favorite team win games.

NFL teams should put their pride aside and give Vick a chance. What he did was wrong and he paid for it. I don’t see how he would damage any team’s image.

News flash… If a team allows a beer company, that flaunts half-naked women, to be its sponsor, the team image is already damaged.


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