City Drops Charge Against Black Harvard Scholar

Courtesy of ABC News

Courtesy of ABC News

Charges were dropped Tuesday against an eminent black Harvard University scholar, who was arrested at his home after a reported break-in.

Police said he was displaying eradicate behavior, while Gates’s supporters think this was a case of racial profiling.

Charles Louis Gates Jr., 58, one of 20 prestigious professors at the school, was arrested for disorderly conduct after police were alerted by an onlooker that two black men were trying to break into his Massachusetts home.

The two men, Gates and his black driver, were trying to open his jammed front door. When police arrived they found Gates inside his home, and after reportedly harassing him he became loud and exhibited tumultuous behavior.


Cambridge’s goons picked on the wrong “minority,” and the city knew it had to act fast before this incident severely damaged the city’s national reputation.

This racially-charged incident has already caught the attention of civil rights activists like Al Sharpton. No small city wants Sharpton on its bad side, because Sharpton is bad for business. Next thing you know it, the NAACP, the ACLU, and Jesse Jackson would had been riding into town.

Cambridge was like, “We’ve gotta stop this thing before it gets too big.” It may be too late for that, because Sharpton has already spoken on the incident.

Racial profiling is a big issue. Black people are labeled as criminals and targeted as such. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a business and was followed around. Meanwhile, the police conveniently set up roadblocks that they label as “DUI checks” and “Seat belt checks” in the Black part of town. People from the Middle East are “randomly” selected at airports for thorough searches and Latinos are profiled by “the law” similar to way Black are.

In Gates’s case the police gave him the third degree because they didn’t believe he lived in that neighborhood. The arresting officer was probably upset that he wasn’t able to jam up another “criminal,” so he made a false claim.



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