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Moral of this story: Pay attention to what you’re doing and your surrounding.

This should be common sense, but every time I look, some genius makes a mistake so stupid that you have to think otherwise. What type of conversation was she having that she couldn’t watch where she was walking? How do you not see a gaping hole in the ground during the middle of the day?

This is why irresponsible teens shouldn’t be given phones especially with texting. Teens text when they drive. They text while they are in class, they text anywhere humanly possible.

Did you hear about the fastest texting teen? An Iowa teenager’s won $50,000 for her nifty thumb-work. She sends a whopping 14,000 a month, supposedly she studies better when she texts.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that teens are being encouraged to be engulfed by such a dubious activity. I figured my generation of videogamers would be the most inactive. Texting can be beneficial but this upcoming LOL generation is addicted to sending bubblegum texts.

Everyone cellphone user under the age of 16 should be required to have a Firefly-like phone. Firefly mobile, a cellular provider, gives full parental control over the phones usage.

Texting: Educational and artistic? LMHO. J


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