Caged UFC Champion Acts Like A Baboon



The Ultimate Fighting Championship got much more than it bargained for Saturday, on its most-hyped match to date. Or did it?

Brock Lesnar, a former World Wrestling Entertainment standout, cemented his spot as the UFC’s greatest villain when he acted a fool after winning the UFC heavyweight title against Frank Mir.
The behemoth yelled and stuck his middle fingers at the audience, who booed him upon entrance, and told the world he drinks Coors Light beer, not Bud Light, a UFC sponsor, because they don’t pay him.

UFC President Dana White was outraged and embarrassed saying he didn’t prompt Lesnar to act out. White reportedly told the 6-foot-3-inch, 265-pounder that his antics were unwanted and out-of-line.

Lesnar later apologized for his performance.


The UFC got what it was looking for when it acquired the entertaining Lesnar from the WWE.

The WWE, which Lesnar dominated, is nothing more than scripted-violence and WWE fans ate up Lesnar’s WWE persona. A persona that White knew he could market under the UFC label.

I’m not much of a UFC fan; it’s a little too violent for my taste. But as you can see its latest show drew me in.

The UFC, reminds me of the movie 1988 film, “Bloodsport,” minus the loser’s promising death. It’s nothing more than two brawny men pummeling each other inside of a cage. The only place I’ve ever been comfortable seeing caged animals is at the zoo. That’s what the UFC is: a zoo — beasts in an enclosed circle clawing at each other. It’s controlled chaos, or at least before Saturday, when one of the UFC’s baboons got out of his cage and latched out at the audience, and even worse, a sponsor.

Not to worry, I’m sure this chaotic moment that White directed and Lesnar starred in, helped broaden it’s fanbase and sponsor interest.


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