McNair’s Affair Led To His Death

 CNN photo
Retired NFL star Steve McNair’s death has exposed an affair he was having with the young woman ,who along with him, were found shot to death in his downtown Nashville condominium this past Saturday.
Here‘s what the authorities know: McNair, 39, was shot four times, two in the head and two in the chest. Sahel Kazemi, 20, suffered one gunshot wound to the head. The handgun, which Kazemi purchased, was found underneath her body. They know McNair was murdered but don’t know if Kazemi was murdered or committed suicide.
The two met while she was working as a waiter at a local sports bar and had been dating for several months, according to Kazemi’s family. The family also said that she was under the impression that McNair was going through a divorce even though legal documentation proving this has not surfaced.
As I stated in a previous post about South Carolina’s cheating governor, people get killed for playing around with people’s emotions regarding love and relationships.

There hasn’t been any confirmation that this was a murder-suicide, but I believe this was the case.

Kazemi’s family vows that she was happy go-lucky and harmless and that may have been the case prior to this shooting. I’m willing to guess she didn’t purchase the firearm so she could use it as a paperweight. There was no justifiable motive for this crime. Two people are dead and it’s sad.

Kazemi found out that McNair wasn’t going through a divorce and lost it. And just a side note, how did a 20-year-old purchase a handgun, when 21 is legal age to buy one?


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