Old Lineup Practice Smells Fishy

Courtesy of pbs.org

Courtesy of pbs.org

Two lawsuits have put a longstanding method of choosing suspects from police lineups under wide scrutiny.
According to a USA Today story, “lawsuits filed in Victoria, Texas, allege that Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy Keith Pikett and his team of hounds — James Bond, Quincy and Clue — failed controversial sniff tests known as ‘scent lineups.’
“Since 2004, two men in Florida and one in California have been freed after DNA evidence exonerated them. They had been convicted, in part, on the use of scent evidence…”
This practice is less reliable than the lie detector test. It can be beneficial and probably is effective the majority of the time, but that is not good enough when it deals the incarceration of people. Every person that has been convicted based on “scent evidence” should have their case reviewed.
SabreeThinks “scent evidence” is junk science and needs to be discontinued immediately.
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