Church Tells Congregation To Bring Its Guns


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According to a USA Today article, a Louisville, KY church encouraged attendees to bring  their firearms with them to church for a celebration that was dedicated to the second amendment. (See story)

The pastor says it came up with the celebration after many “church members expressed concern about the Obama administration’s views on gun control…We are wanting to send a message that there are legal, civil, intelligent and law-abiding citizens who also own guns.”

This sounds more like a cult of trigger-happy, supposed-to-be “conservatives” with a distaste and fear of positive change in America. 

The type of people who attended this service are the same types of people who maniacs, like Hitler and Jim Jones, persuade to do idiotic things, by way of hyping up their emotions and pumping fear and anger into them.

Get a clue.

Radicals, who read the second amendment more than they read their religious scripture are why so many people, especially themselves, are so terrified of anything with a heartbeat.

SabreeThinks this way of thinking is sickening, not patriotic.


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One response to “Church Tells Congregation To Bring Its Guns

  1. Robbie Morganfield

    Amen brother…. the things people do who call themselves Christians. It’s a sad statement on the state of religion.

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