Michael Jackson Lives, It’s True!

 Courtesy of Examiner.com
Yesterday I wrote that Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, died.
I came to the realization that Michael didn’t die. I’m not saying he faked his death, he was “bad” but not that bad.
His death brought thousands probably millions to the streets all around the world for vigils and remembrance celebrations. Many have been dressing up as him today and practicing dance moves that he coined. Millions uploaded his music for the first time to their iPods and social-networking pages. Last night, I even attempted to learn how to do the Moonwalk, again.

People are wondering what kind of funeral he is going to have. They are asking if it’s going to be religious and if so, which religion’s guidelines will it abide by. Michael, born a Jehovah’s Witness, reportedly converted to Islam in 2008.

Michael has inspired more people than anyone will ever know. His remarkable fan base, which will keep expanding will never be accurately numbered.

I think Michael’s funeral will draw billions of viewers making it one of the most-viewed funerals in modern history along with those of John Paul II and Princess Diana.

Yesterday Michael Jackson passed away.

SabreeThinks Michael will live in the hearts of millions until the end of time.



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3 responses to “Michael Jackson Lives, It’s True!

  1. This is a intriguing and very true point I can remember when Micheal did the Coca Cola commercial and his hair caught a fire I was only 4 years old and that was a devastating moment for me I thought I would never see him sang again. I also remember when he played in the WIZ what great acting and singing. He was a wonderful singer and a humanitarian. He will be missed and is treasured by many

  2. Sonya

    You’re right in your analogy that Michael will live on in the hearts of many.I attended a concert of The Jackson 5 in the late 60’s or 1970, it was fun and really entertaining. I think his good(esp his humanitarian and philanthropic contributions) outweighed his shortcomings. He successfully expressed his talented gifts of dance, singing, etc. in the most unique and amazing ways!

  3. Oh Sabree,
    I like your viewpoint…Micheal Jackson is a Music Icon and that is enough said for his life. He was outstanding in his field of work. From the time Micheal’s first record hit the airwaves, I became an avid fan of his music. I loved the way he sang and hit those certain signature notes…as I read another blog earlier the author stated” Mr. Jackson’s music sent chills all over his body….his music was that moving.” He was a great world renowned entertainer, and philanthropist. Every concert I attended (in US and abroad) Micheal Jackson performances had the power to enthrall his audience…his artistic works spilled out onto his fans leaving us filled with happiness and joy! I took pictures of the concert in 1979…. I m trying to dig them out of storage now!

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