Lousy S.C. Gov. takes an unannounced “exotic” trip

What in the h— was South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford thinking during his recent hiatus from duty?
If you haven’t heard the news yet, South Carolina was in disarray last week because their governor skipped out of town for five days to an undisclosed location.
South Carolina was going nuts looking for its kooky governor, who told everyone, including his wife, that he was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail. In actuality, Sanford took an “exotic” trip to Argentina.
AP photo

AP photo

In the midst of a recession, Sanford skipped out on responsibility and took his un-hard-earned money from the state’s taxpayers and went to South America for almost a week.

He didn’t even bother to contact his wife and children on Father’s Day to let them know where he was. This is truly a strange man who needs to be investigated. Sounds like to me he was up to no good.

UPDATE: He admitted he was in Argentina having an affair. If you recall, he ridiculed former President Clinton for his affair and wanted him impeached.

Fellow politicians say he goes A.W.O.L. often. If Sanford wants alone-time he needs to formally sever his governmental appointment.

SabreeThinks South Carolina voters were absurd for electing an unfit Gov. Sanford to a second term.

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