‘Jena Six’s’ lesser charges are fair, not racist!

The USA Today just published a story saying that the “Jena Six” will plead guilty to lesser charges in the upcoming days (see Full Story). Originally, they were charged with attempted second-degree murder.

Seems as if some misdirected opinions have already begun writing foolishness underneath this story.

Comment about this story from USATODAY.com:
mike2616a (7 friends, send message) wrote: 25m ago
Reverse it to 6 whites beating up a black and you would have federal hate crimes leveled against the 6 and probably riots. But when it is a white being beaten that is looked upon as a minor offense. Shows reverse racism is alive and well in the US.

Reverse racism?

That’s an outlandish thing to even utter. Yes, reverse racism is real but it doesn’t apply to this issue not even slightly.

Anybody that thinks this clearly has a mental blockage and needs to look at this situation through colorblind lens.

The beating victim was treated for injuries at a hospital and released the same day, having attended a party later that day. How do 6 young males attack one boy, with the intent to kill, and not only fail at killing him but don’t even injure him to the point where he is unable to attend a party the same day??? Are you crazy???

The charges were way overboard!!!

They were wrong for attacking the boy, but the charges that were initially brought against them were ludicrous!

SabreeThinks the reverse racism argument doesn’t have a heartbeat!


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