A Burgular Rummages Through Rubio’s Residence

Who is Paulina Rubio and why did news about her home being burglarized make it into the SunSentinel newspaper?

Who cares?

There is so much more interesting Mexican-related news that could have made the cut. For example, a Swine Flu update, Tropical Storm Andres or even the ongoing Mexican drug war.

Whatever the case may be, this past weekend ended on a sour note for the Mexican pop singer after her Miami Beach home was broken into Saturday while she was in Spain promoting her new album, according to the SunSentinel (see story).

On the upside, “Gran City Pop,” her ninth album, was released today! It’s supposed to be good, so I hear. I doubt her new album will make it on my playlist, so I expect to hear reviews from elsewhere.

Rubio is a multi-platinum recording artist, who may be best known by Americans for her 2002 single “Don’t Say Goodbye.” Five of her albums have gone platinum. She is also a heartthrob, who has many drooling male fans following her every move.

I must admit I thought she was a nobody, but I was obviously mistaken.

Despite all that, SabreeThinks her home being burglarized was not newsworthy.



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2 responses to “A Burgular Rummages Through Rubio’s Residence

  1. pynklyzurd14

    Indeed it wasn’t newsworthy. It ain’t the first time, it won’t be the last! LoL

    • sasabree

      I catch crap in major newspapers all the time. Something just stuck out about this story that really made me ask “Why is this in the paper?”

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